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This is going to sound obvious, but a lot of the software I had to install required a lot of space. Since Trados will only run on a Windows operating system, I had to either install Windows on my Mac directly or create a virtual PC and run Windows on that. Here are the options:. As a translator, this would have severely limited the research I could do and software I could use while working on a document, so I decided against it.

Fusion was a quick, straightforward installation, and I found it really easy to set up the virtual PC I wanted, despite having no previous knowledge of virtual machines. After installing Fusion, the next step was to get hold of a Windows installation disc. I had to do this twice, because my iMac initially spat out the disc as if I were trying to poison it….

Once the disc was running, the Fusion wizard helped me set up the parameters for the operating system quickly. And then I waited.

How to install SDL Trados Studio 2011 on a Mac

Being Microsoft-made, the first thing Windows did after installation was tell me it is prone to viruses and that there were about security updates that I had to download and install. After a restart, I tried to open the version of Internet Explorer that came pre-loaded in this version of Windows, in order to download and install SDL Trados. But Windows declared it was out of date and insisted I download the latest version instead.

So I waited some more.

After what felt like hours of waiting, and another restart, all appeared to be good to go though. IE opened without a problem and finally Windows was fully functioning within Fusion on my Mac. Now we get to the point of it all. This does mean waiting for enough translators to commit to buying Trados as part of the group, but this only took about a day.

After that, I just made payment as usual to receive a confirmation email containing the activation code and link to my available downloads. The files are big and for some reason, the internet connection in my Windows virtual machine is slow. In hindsight, I should have downloaded the installation files in OSX and saved them onto my desktop. Other than that, installation was reasonably straightforward. The main thing to note is that when choosing language pairs, you have to make five selections, regardless of what you work with normally.

How to run SDL Trados Studio on an Apple Mac

After all that, was it worth it? Absolutely yes.

But the setup does have some minor niggles:. That said, overall Trados is so far proving a help rather than a hindrance. If you have any ideas for fixes, questions about installation or just want to grumble about translation technology, please leave a comment below! Thanks Jenni for sharing your experience. I use Paralles instead of Fusion. A few questions for you… if you fancy answering them and if you have time to do it… Do you also use any Windows Office programs?

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If yes, which version? Did you install any anti-virus programs on the Virtual Machine? If yes, which one? Thanks in advance for any help you could give me! However, this does limit some functionality. For example, the Preview pane in Trados does not work unless you have Office for Windows installed on your virtual machine.

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This also goes for some of the Trados Plugins available. I tried Parallels 3 and 4 years ago on an iMac. I do use my Mac for Photoshop and InDesign, though, when required and for personal reasons. Charles Elk is right: the Trados requirement is a myth. Hi Mario, Thanks for sharing your experiences! That Trados requirement is worth exploring in a different post I guess… Stay tuned! Hi Charles, Many thanks for your comment.

The destination is in sight in spite of missing the first turn! Welcome to the club! The other advantage of Macs is that they last a lot longer. As soon as Word for Mac became available, I happily kissed goodbye to Windows and its constant software updates that slowed the system down every time I launched the virtual machine.

Hey Tom, Many thanks for the wishes! See you soon. Really appreciate your article, sound interesting and helpful. I am planning the same migration since Mac is well known for its stability compared with the same with PC. What I concern most is the compatibility with third-party applications especially CAT tools in our case. After all, most applications are PC based.

You are kindly invited to join the group, waiting for your Part 2. Have a great day. It really depends on your clients: if they are flexible, you can use the Mac for translation without problems! Have a great weekend! Either the client makes it possible somehow there are agencies that do all the aligning afterwards for me just because they really want me to do the job or it is an assignment I can live without because of those pesky discount schemes that you seem to be obliged to consent to once you invested in a costly CAT tool.

Hello Susanne, Many thanks for your input.

It will be a busy weekend for me trying out all those tools…. But most of the time, you can just load up your Windows installation inside Boot Camp from Parallels. This has the advantage of installing PC software just once: whatever you installed there, will be available both when using Windows within Parallels, or booting your Mac into Windows. I have never used Trados, but I do own a license of Wordfast that works just fine on the Mac aside from the fact that it is a Java app and the interface is somewhat ugly.

Hi Angel, Thank you for sharing your views. My goal is to do all my work in Mac OS X; so far, translation is the only thing missing. But as you probably know, you can do that. I just have to educate my clients a bit on Trados alternatives. Bootcamp and Parallels will be soon obsolete in my case fingers crossed! Way to go! Thanks for the wishes Angel, The good thing about the colleagues that make the switch is that they never miss Windows.

I have always used Macs, because I came from the advertising industry, where they are dominant.

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Since the advent of Parallels Desktop, I have never had a problem with Windows running slowly. The trick is to get as much RAM as you can possibly afford. A keyboard command lets you toggle among these spaces. Diacritics are a complicated pain to type in Windows requiring hex codes to be memorized, etc. So I can switch to a Mac application, type the text with the diacritics, and then paste it into the Windows application. Hello James, Many thanks for your comments. I do agree with you that Bootcamp in essence defeats the purpose of having a Mac. So, I guess I can now concentrate on learning Trados and on better organizing my projects.

Congrats on this excellent blog, it surely made my translating life less complicated! Hi Christos — Thanks for your post. I am a Mac user starting out as a translator, so I come from a different path but encounter the same problems and found your article very helpful.

Thanks also for all the excellent comments.