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Remember Coach Logic is a collaborative platform and works best with all team members involved. The first User the account owner is free.

Gloucester Rugby - Preparing to Perform (Performance Analysis at Gloucester Rugby)

The total amount of footage you can upload to Coach Logic in a year. The average Rugby team requires around 35 hours per year, for example. The first 10 hours are free with all packages and there are no caps or size limits. Punished by rewards: Houghton Mifflin Co.

Effects of different feedback conditions on motivational perceptions, interest, and performance. Sport psychology: Wiley, Chichester, West Sussex, England: John Wiley, Page [7] Krzyzewski, Mike, and Donald T. Five-point play: New York, NY: Warner Books, The inside edge: Macmillan of Canada, Mental Performance.

Live Video Analysis

Accessed February 11, October 6, Coach Logic can be used for dozens of different sports; in most cases, if video is used for performance analysis then Coach Logic will add value. Streamline your video analysis Make critical learning tools and resources easily accessible to your rugby team online. Better Rugby teams with Coach Logic Empower your squad with greater tactical knowledge and enable them to commit lessons to memory with more meaningful video interactions. Rugby teams get better with Coach Logic. Keep players engaged with collaborative analysis Open up communication channels and build team culture making sure your rugby players are engaged on multiple levels — whether its through learning, social or peer-to-peer feedback — capitalise on more frequent, more meaningful exchanges to power better team performance.

Rob Cain Saracens Women are always striving to find new ways to raise the bar and keep one step ahead of our competitors so we are really excited to be working in partnership with Coach Logic. Ally Donaldson The biggest impact Coach Logic has had on our team is enabling the pupils to work hard in their own time and take more responsibility for their personal development.

The ultimate list of sports coaching software | Sportlyzer Academy

Chris Fowke We have found that our players feel greater empowerment and have greater understanding. Will Coach Logic save me time as a coach?

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Does Coach Logic work for all sports? Our pitch doesn't have a good vantage point, what would you suggest? Do we need specialist equipment to use Coach Logic?

How does your pricing work? Get Started Coach Logic has packages to suit all organisations. With the most in-depth and accurate data on the market, our products help dissect performance over individual games and entire seasons.

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  7. LongoMatch | Video analysis tool for coaches, analysts and players.

STATS Portal brings a global video library to the fingertips of analysts to support match preparation and scouting operations. Encouraging collaborative video analysis, STATS Portal allows users to create and share footage, reports and evaluations.

Rugby Union performance analysis. Live Video Analysis. Excerpt from the eBook: Download the E-Book.

Gloucester Rugby move from SportsCode to Nacsport

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