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I had a photo of the look that I wanted natural face with a shimmery cut crease on my eyes. The artist proceeded to layer on heaps of foundation and concealer, making me look really greasy. My eyes looked nice, until she put extremely heavy eyeliner and thick lashes on.

Finally, she overlined my lips with a glossy lipstick, leaving me looking like a clown. First of all: the review is for customer service online, not the products. The operator told me they are aware of a glitch in the website. So after fully paying for the order my options are as follows: wait for delivery another days, wait for the reimbursement for days. My issues: 1 - the customer service should be more accessible, I felt like I was trying to contact the White House, 2 - there should be a system in place for a glitch you are aware of.

Or my money returned ASAP. This just seems like a lot of afterthought. I have repeatedly requesting to bring back the same Mahogany Pencil lip formula, for the past couple of year, which I have used for over 20 years, this has been changed for no reason to an extremely mediocre quality with a change of colour - lighty shade and rosier tone on it, now. I haven't agreed for it, this is misleading and cheating on your customer trust by keeping the same name whilst it's totally different than the previous one. Yet Mac's inability to really listen to its costumers is staggering!

Why should I bother to continue to buy when Mac 's marketing strategy doesn't mould to our demand? Such a looser!

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After purchasing 7 items from MAC maccosmetics. It looked like Heather had some personal bone to pick and chose to take it out on any random customer. She just refused to allow me to buy the brow gel cremes for no reason. I have been shopping online with MAC for years and have never experienced any issues, certainly not such levels of ridiculousness. Absolutely hideous and uncalled-for, appalling service.

I have to shop for my make-up essentials from a re-seller or distributor since I am no longer able to shop directly with the brand. Way to go MAC. Received a fantastic service, make up was stunning and got some great tips.

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Was a really friendly place. Highly recommend this, great experience. Will do it again. I used the online chat service for some advise regarding a new purchase. Thank you for your help! Honestly, i love mac i have probably spent my entire life savings on their amazing and beautiful products i cannot get enough. I love MAC products i just wont get color matched at studios any longer.

I recently visited your store at selfridges in the Trafford centre and was extremely pleased. I have been buying mac cosmetics from all over the world for many years now. Regret to say that never has anyone been interested to suggest proper usage. Recently i was in Macao. I had the most unexpected pleasant surprise in the form of ms parris leong in the mac store of the Venetian hotel.

I bought 2 products from her, but she took the time to teach me the proper method of using all the numerous products i had with me, bought from various places. Ms parris was a delightful yong lady and deserves recognition. She is a truly great ambassador for mac.

I am based in the UK and a regular customer of Mac, when it comes to foundation and lipsticks.

Mac Makeup In Selfridges Manchester

I travelled out of the country on holiday to Nigeria, a few days in and I realised my foundation bottle was broken. I was sad and dismayed. My new foundation bottle I bought for the holiday just broke and I really did not know what to do : Fast forward two days later I was shopping at a shopping mall called Shoprite at Ikeja, Nigeria and I noticed a Mac store there, I was so excited. Went straight into the store asked for my foundation colour MW48, but was told it cost N18, which was way too expensive for me as I didn't have such budget, asked if I could have a sample pending the time I get back to the UK and get myself a new one.

Went back to the store 30 minutes after and demanded I spoke to the manger; hopefully they will understand my dilemma, she came out from the back store. Upon listening to my story she was very understanding offered to give me a sample of my foundation, but as there was no more display bottles of my foundation she offered a different type of foundation in the NC range. Tried it on my face to ensure that it fits, she also went as far as also give my sister a sample of her foundation, as her foundation also broke.

I was so thankful and relieved. I guess you just have to be honest and say it as it is, because Nigeria being what it is, customer care is not really paid attention to, but this manger was able to deliver excellent customer care and I am ever so grateful to her. This is the only company I go to for my base makeup needs!! Recently received my order, didn't get the email that was noted I'd receive.

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How to get to Selfridges & Co by Bus?

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Snooty sales women in Selfridges? - Page 2 - The Student Room

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