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  1. Cheapest D-LINK DNS-320L Price in Malaysia is RM 480.00
  2. D-Link DNS-320 ShareCenter 2-Bay Network Storage
  3. How to connect to DNSL via webdav in Mac OS X? | D-Link UK

It can sync files between devices on a local network, or between remote devices over the Internet via a modified version of the BitTorrent protocol. The integrated Vault app provides cloud backup services optimized for the D-Link ShareCenter system and delivers separate-site protection, intelligent sync, and secure sharing all in one package. D-Link Cloud Storage allows you to access all your photos, music, movies and documents from anywhere, anytime, also to preserve and control your personal data while ensuring privacy.

Family and friends can access shared content from smartphone, tablet, or laptop easily. Using a mobile app, you can easily access to files remotely on the go. Requires pre-installed Addons: COM is a file storage and synchronization service which enables user cloud storage, file sharing and collaborative editing. Baikal implements the current IETF recommendation drafts of these industry standards for centralized calendar and address book collections.

How To: Map Network Drive on DLink Router

It includes different features for enterprise resource planning ERP and customer relationship management CRM but also other features for different activities. It is a fully featured online office suite with a similar set of features as other online office suites, like Google Apps, Microsoft Office Live, Zimbra, and Zoho.

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Our growing community of over , store owners, developers, and service providers are there to help you at every stage of running your online store and business. Over 7, free Add-Ons have been uploaded by the community to use and customize your online store with. Asterisk is a software implementation of a telephone private branch exchange PBX ; it allows attached telephones to make calls to one another, and to connect to other telephone services, such as the public switched telephone network PSTN and Voice over Internet Protocol VoIP services.

Citadel is easy, versatile, and powerful, thanks to its exclusive "rooms" based architecture. No other platform seamlessly combines so many different features using this familiar and consistent metaphor.

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Feature list. It requires no browser plugins and is built on top of a powerful plugin system that allows every aspect of its appearance and functionality to be customized. This add-on includes some utilities for the network: The ntpd program is an operating-system daemon that sets and maintains a computer system's system time in synchronization with Internet-standard time servers. A time server is a server computer that reads the actual time from a reference clock and distributes this information to its clients using a computer network.

It encrypts all traffic to eliminate eavesdropping, connection hijacking, and other attacks. In addition, OpenSSH provides a large suite of secure tunneling capabilities, several authentication methods, and sophisticated configuration options. Polipo is a lightweight caching and forwarding web proxy server. It has a wide variety of uses, from aiding security by filtering traffic; to caching web, DNS and other computer network lookups for a group of people sharing network resources; to speeding up a web server by caching repeated requests. It can be configured to use on-disk cache and serve cached content when offline and perform various forms of content filtering.

Cheapest D-LINK DNS-320L Price in Malaysia is RM 480.00

Privoxy is a non-caching web proxy with filtering capabilities for enhancing privacy, manipulating cookies and modifying web page data and HTTP headers before the page is rendered by the browser. Privoxy is a "privacy enhancing proxy", filtering Web pages and removing advertisements. Privoxy can be customized by users, for both stand-alone systems and multi-user networks.

Squid is a caching and forwarding web proxy. It has a wide variety of uses, from speeding up a web server by caching repeated requests; to caching web, DNS and other computer network lookups for a group of people sharing network resources; to aiding security by filtering traffic. SurgeMail is one of the fastest, most robust, fully-featured email secure server out on the market today that supports all the standards and protocols.

With thousands of our mail servers installed, our software is serving hundreds of thousands of webmail accounts around the world. Telnet is a session layer protocol used on the Internet or local area networks to provide a bidirectional interactive text-oriented communication facility using a virtual terminal connection.

D-Link DNS-320 ShareCenter 2-Bay Network Storage

User data is interspersed in-band with Telnet control information in an 8-bit byte oriented data connection over the Transmission Control Protocol TCP. This add-on includes some utilities for the terminal: Tor is free software for enabling anonymous communication. Tor directs Internet traffic through a free, worldwide, volunteer network consisting of more than six thousand relays to conceal a user's location and usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis.

An alternative minimalist implementation of the mumble-server Murmur is called uMurmur. The UniFi Controller can be accessed through any device using a web browser. A single UniFi Controller running in the cloud can manage multiple sites: This USB device server solution is perfect for sharing USB devices among multiple users on the network, over the Internet, or in the Cloud without the USB device needing to be physically attached to each user machine. The shared USB device appears as if it was directly attached even though it is plugged in to a remote server, therefore all existing drivers and software work, no special changes required.

A complete e-mail server that is absolutely free and can be used by any companies small, mid-sized and large enterprises. Unlike other email servers, XMail does not require that each user have a system account, instead it uses flat-file databases to store user information. XMail is a light-weight email server ideally suited for use in situations where other servers such as sendmail and qmail would be overkill.

Content Management. In it won the Packt Publishing annual award for open source content management. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system. It is used as a back-end framework for at least 2. It is also used for knowledge management and business collaboration. Gallery or Menalto Gallery is an open source project enabling management and publication of digital photographs and other media through a PHP-enabled web server. Photo manipulation includes automatic thumbnails, resizing, rotation, and flipping, among other things.

Albums can be organized hierarchically and individually controlled by administrators or privileged users. Gitblit is an open-source, pure Java stack for managing, viewing, and serving Git repositories. It's designed primarily as a tool for small workgroups who want to host centralized repositories. Joomla is a free and open-source content management system CMS for publishing web content. It is built on a model—view—controller web application framework that can be used independently of the CMS. Content management and web site publishing for photographers.

Your images are your most important asset. Koken treats them with the attention they deserve by including a full-featured management interface that looks and feels like a desktop application. MediaWiki is a free and open-source wiki application. It was developed by the Wikimedia Foundation and runs on many websites, including Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Wikimedia Commons.

How to connect to DNSL via webdav in Mac OS X? | D-Link UK

It is written in the PHP programming language and uses a backend database. Pre-installed languages: English, Ukrainian. Piwigo is photo gallery software for the web, built by an active community of users and developers. Freely available extensions make Piwigo easily customizable. It is notable as a system with many features.

Free software for the Linux operating system, designed to quickly create electronic OPDS-catalog of books.

OPDS Open Publication Distribution System directory allows you to access Your library via the Internet from most devices for reading electronic books, tablets, smartphones, etc. It produces the web application Sugar, a customer relationship management CRM system that is available in both open-source and commercial open-source applications. In February , SugarCRM announced that they would no longer be releasing new open source versions of their Community Edition application and this would now be a bug fix only application. It is a web application which must be installed on a web server.

Following Google's announcement that they would be retiring Google Reader, Tiny Tiny RSS was widely reviewed as a possible replacement for it in major tech blogs and online magazines. Reviewers praised its versatility but criticized its performance and intimidating installation process. Ubooquity is a free, lightweight and easy-to-use home server for your comics and ebooks. Use it to access your files from anywhere, with a tablet, an e-reader, a phone or a computer. WordPress was used by more than WordPress is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web, at more than 60 million websites.

Developer Tools. Git is a distributed revision control system with an emphasis on speed, data integrity, and support for distributed, non-linear workflows. Git was initially designed and developed by Linus Torvalds for Linux kernel development in , and has since become the most widely adopted version control system for software development. Is it similar to when the disk is full and it starts to delete old files?

At that point is there anything stopping us from re-sizing the sparse bundle to suit our needs?