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Data Recovery for iPhone. How to erase hard drive for Mac OS X If you are going to erase a hard drive in OS X If you only want to remove all data from a hard drive in OS X If you are going to sell or donate your hard drive, it is strongly recommended to permanently erase all data on the hard drive.

Here, we will introduce a secure solution to erase hard drive for OS X It can help you erase hard drive for OS X It also can help you permanently delete files in OS X So, data recovery becomes impossible after data erasure. It is safe data eraser, will not shorten the service life of your Mac SSD. AweEraser for Mac is a simple application.

How to Reinstall Mac OS

If you want to erase a hard drive in OS X Once the erasing process gets finished, all the data on the selected hard drive will be permanently erased. No data recovery software can recover lost data from the erased hard drive.

A fresh and clean install involves formatting the Mac Hard disk, this means that the hard disk is completely wiped and Mac OS X will be installed in its factory default settings with just the default apps and files that come with OS X Mavericks. Back to top.

Click on Utilities and then click on Disk Utility Select the hard drive or partition to format from the left pane, then click the Erase tab, select format type Mac OS Extended Journaled , give it a name , such as Macintosh HD, and choose Erase. Select the option you want and follow the wizard.

I usually have my backup on an external disk and cloud disks, so I will select Don't Transfer any informational now and click continue. On the terms and conditions page, click agree to continue the setup wizard Create a computer account.